PDGA in Beaminster

Disc golf is a sport that most everyone enjoys once they give it a try. It is a sport that is played all year long, and it combines skill, technique, and athleticism to become successful. Interestingly, the sport is played in a similar fashion to golf, another popular sport in the UK. You must get your disc into a basket in a set number of throws. The basket has hanging chains which guide the disc into it if you make an accurate shot. Discs come in a wide variety of sizes. The disc weights reflect their purpose, such as to putt, approach, or to drive long distances. Similar to golf, you must choose your disc wisely to get the best shot.

So, how is disc golf related to Beaminster, England? Well, one of the world’s most prestigious disc gold tournaments takes place here. The British Open is one of the more popular tournaments conducted by the PDGA. It is located in Beaminster, and it is a major draw for the local economy. The tournament director, Charlie Mead, loves Beaminster for its terrain. It provides challenges for skilled players to meet at every turn. Rolling hills and fluctuating landscapes make it a challenge to putt correctly. This makes it an ideal spot for pro disc golfers to test their skills.

People love to watch the British Open in Beaminster because it is so unpredictable. It seems as though a different winner emerges from the group every year. There are a few reasons for this. For one, there are more skilled disc golfers located worldwide than ever before. More people are making their way into the PDGA ranks. This leads to more competition from all sides. The British Open provides a course that can be conquered, but not without a plan in place. You must attack the course with a wide variety of different shots in order to be successful.

Weather patterns play a major role in the play of the course. Frequent rains keep the grass slippery, and this makes it tough to get a good footing during driving throws. The rain also makes it tough to grip the disc properly during throws. Once a disc slips from your fingers too early, it can lead to disaster. Throws which travel out of bounds are common during slippery conditions. Those who come to play in Beaminster bring plenty of towels to wipe down their discs between throws.

The PDGA is the top of the disc golf world. It is the league that every player strives for, and it showcases the best talent located from all regions in the UK. The town of Beaminster bustles with life when the spectators and participants arrive. This brings money to the town. Most of the hotels in the area become booked for the tournament, so if you want to be a part of it, you need to book your room early. Disc golf participants will find that all of their needs will be met in Beaminster.