Activities in Beaminster

Beaminster is a quiet town perched inside a beautiful valley landscape. It is a place that few people know, save for the few thousand who call this town home. However, Beaminster, England, offers something special for every person who visits. Whether you enjoy scenic views and wildlife watching, or you enjoy the company of others at a local pub, this town offers it. The key is to create a good itinerary of activities so that you spend your time wisely. Here are some of the more notable activities to pursue while you visit this quaint town in the UK.

Sight seeing is something that most visitors do during their visit. The homes which dot the streets have a unique quality to them. This makes them perfect for sight seeing tours throughout the town. If you want to experience all that the town has to offer, then you need to hire a tour guide to help you along the way. They will direct you to places that have a rich history. You might be surprised to learn that the town showcases places that have never been seen by outsiders. Take a camera with you to capture all of the new places that you encounter. This is the best way to preserve your memories.

Perhaps one of the most popular activities, is to visit the Mapperton Gardens. These gardens are beautiful for many reasons. The rich landscape of the gardens makes them the ideal spot to host weddings or other formal affairs. There are beautiful fountains which attract song birds as well. Mapperton Gardens is a well-known location for people to visit when they want to get away from the bustling town life. It is a place that allows you to take in the wonder of the well-manicured grounds. Once you visit this area, you might return to it during your stay to experience peace.

One of the more popular activities is to visit Mapperton Gardens during halloween. Halloween is a time to get a good fun scare and take part in the annual event. The gardens are wonderfully delightful to visit during the daylight hours. This changes, however, after the sun sets. The Mapperton Gardens take on an eery feel as the shrubs cast shadows on the grounds. This makes the Halloween Trail event an enjoyable one for the whole family. It is truly amazing how the gardens turn into a scary scene. The grounds keepers make the trail full of surprises for those who are brave enough to enter.

The historic sights and buildings create a vast area filled with architectural skill. While some of the homes might seem a bit simplistic, others are created with style in mind. If you do get a chance to visit the town, make sure to visit the churches and other historical buildings. Hire a guide to take you through the town so that you can appreciate the history behind each of the structures that you come across. There are plenty of fun activities to do in Beaminster.